About IDGX

We are happy to announce the Indoor Disc Golf Experience!

This will be a regular Ace Race style event, where you get 2 shots (per person) for points on each hole. Team Score per hole includes all points from both players.


  • Metal hits – 1 point
  • Chains – 2 points
  • ACE – 3 points

Players may form their own groups of 6 players. If you don’t have a full group, we will group players together. Please try to keep to groups of people you interact with regularly.

Winner of each division is the highest point total.

Division Guidelines

  • Advanced – Over 900 Rated
  • Recreational – Under 900 Rated
  • Juniors – 15 or under
  • Women Advanced – over 800 Rated
  • Women Recreational – under 800 Rated

Check-in Time

Check in up to 1 hour but no later than 15 minutes before start time.


Vendors will be on site so you can load up for the season.

If you’re interested in a long sleeve or hoodie, please check if your size is available during your online registration. Pricing of these items at the event will be $2 more than if you pay for them during registration. You will be unable to order these items approximately 2 weeks prior because we need to get them ordered and printed.

The event logo will be printed on these items.


Refund Policy

Visual Eclipse Productions LLC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

No Refund will be offered if you withdraw inside of 48 hours before the event OR if you do not contact the Tournament Director by phone or email. Please do the courteous thing and at least let us know if you cannot make it to the event for any reason.